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How Can I Help?

There are several ways to help me spread the message that human rights matter, federalism matters, and balanced budgets matter.

Spread the Word

The most important thing you can do is tell your friends (and enemies) about me. Send them a link. Share the issue pages that you agree with the most. Tweet about this campaign to turn America around.

I have no support whatsoever from any political party or political action committee, so this campaign will go nowhere without dedicated individuals spreading the word.

Buy Some Merchandise

If you support the message this campaign is trying to send, please consider buying some official merchandise from the campaign’s Zazzle store. This helps in two ways.

First, and most importantly, it helps publicize the campaign. Every yard sign, every sticker, and every mug is a chance for somebody else to learn that there is another presidential option.

Second, Scott Bradford for President LLC receives a royalty payment from Zazzle for every sale of official campaign merchandise. These funds will be used in the same way as donated funds. For more information about how campaign funds will be spent, visit the donations page.

Make a Donation

Scott Bradford for President LLC can also accept direct donations, which will be used only for campaign expenses in accordance with U.S. law and Federal Election Commission regulations.

For more information about how campaign funds will be spent, donation restrictions, and to make a donation, please visit the donations page.


I don’t have a big, national team of political professionals, nor do I have any support from any political party or political action committee. This creates many challenges. So I am seeking volunteers. Please contact me if you are willing to serve.

Please note that, at this time, all positions are unpaid. If the campaign miraculously becomes financially self-sufficient, it’s possible some or all of these would eventually transition to paid positions. No promises. Don’t get your hopes up.

Currently, I need the following:

  • Vice Presidential Candidate
    • I would prefer an experienced politician or political professional.
    • Must not reside in Virginia, or be willing to legally relocate to another state. This is a [pretty silly] constitutional restriction.
    • Must be willing to support the key campaign principles, although there is some room for debate and principled disagreement.
  • Ballot Access Coordinators
    • I will need ballot access coordinators in each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia.
    • This volunteer would be responsible for coordinating the state-level effort to get my name on the ballot, if possible. or, at the very least, authorized under state write-in laws.
  • Media and Social Media Coordinator(s)
    • I need media and social media coordinators to manage efforts to spread the word about the campaign.
    • This campaign isn’t going anywhere unless it gets some attention.
    • Going viral would be great. Getting coverage in local and national media outlets would also be great.
  • Other Things
    • I’m new to this. I’m sure I’ll need other volunteers too. Contact me if you’re willing to do something that I haven’t listed.